Technical Resources

The Department of Utilities is responsible for review, comment, and acceptance of construction plans for all water and sewer lines. Engineers and contractors must comply with the following documents through the design and construction process, as well as those required by other City Departments:


Technical Specifications

  • Water (PDF, 151K)
  • Sewer (PDF, 175K)
  • Lift Stations - Coming Soon

Design Criteria

Standard Details

PLEASE NOTE: Technical specifications, design criteria and standard details have been updated. A summary of those changes can be reviewed in the City of Lawrence Department of Utilities Annual Review of Construction Material Specifications, Design Criteria and Standard Details.

Fireline Connections

Domestic and Irrigation Services

Utility GIS and Maps

Water Master Plan (PDF, 6.9MB)

Wastewater Master Plan (PDF, 15.8 MB)

Integrated 2012 Wastewater Utilities Plan - Executive Summary (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Integrated 2012 Wastewater Utilities Plan (PDF, 13.1 MB)

Integrated 2012 Water Utilities Plan - Executive Summary (PDF,1.9MB)
Integrated 2012 Water Utilities Plan (PDF, 61.4 MB)


KDHE Sanitary Sewer Minimum Standards of Design (PDF, 13.99 MB)


KDHE Policies, General Consideration and Design Requirements for Public Water Supply Systems in Kansas (PDF, 19.73 MB)