Rental Licensing and Inspection


To check the zoning of a property, contact a Code Enforcement Officer at (785) 832-3345. You can reach us by FAX at (785) 832-3110.

1 Riverfront Plaza, Suite 110 Lawrence, KS 66044


Effective January 1, 2015, all rental properties in Lawrence are required to maintain a valid rental license in compliance with City Ordinance 8840.

We previously offered an online payment form for the city’s Rental Licensing Program; however, now that the city is transitioning to our new Rental Licensing and Inspection Program, the online payment feature has been removed since every rental now needs to complete a new application form with revised payment fees. You can still pay with a credit card after the new Rental License Application form has been submitted to our office. Contact us at (785) 832-3345 or e-mail us to discuss your specific fee schedule.

A property owner who does not reside in Lawrence must appoint a person to serve as an agent of the owner. The agent receives notices on behalf of the owner of any problems that should arise on the property.

Program Handbook for Owners, Property Managers and Landlords

This handbook explains how the rental licensing program will affect you and your tenants.

» Download entire handbook (PDF)

View individual handbook sections (all files PDF):


Lawrence In Focus - Rental Inspection & Licensing Program

Watch the Lawrence In Focus about the Rental Inspection & Licensing Program.

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