Rental Registration

Rental Registration Program Expansion

The City of Lawrence is expanding our rental registration program. We are developing outreach and communication tools now to help our community understand how they will be affected. Visit our Rental Registration Program Expansion page for updates including upcoming public meetings.


Effective February 1, 2002, rental properties in a single family residential zoned district are required to maintain a valid rental license in compliance with City Ordinance 7326. The 2006 International Property Maintenance Code, as amended and adopted by the city, establishes minimum standards for the use and safe occupancy of dwellings. Rental licenses shall be valid for a one-year period. A property inspection shall be conducted once every three years. Obtaining a rental license is the responsibility of the property owner.

A property owner who does not reside in Lawrence may appoint a person to serve as an agent of the owner. The agent receives notices on behalf of the owner of any problems that should arise on the property.

To check the zoning of a property, contact Treni Westcott, Code Enforcement Officer at (785) 832-3107.

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