Sesquicentennial Point

A View From Sesquicentennial Point
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Sesquicentennial Point

The Sesquicentennial Commission of the City of Lawrence is currently raising funds to create a gathering space in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the City's founding.
Sesquicentennial Point, located on a hillside within the leased park lands overlooking Clinton Lake and the Wakarusa Valley, will provide a gathering space for groups and offer adjacent hiking trails and picnic areas. The plaza near the top of the hill includes a platform, inscribed with the names of major donors. Descending the hill, spaced 50 feet apart, are three half circles - defined by natural grasses and rock walls - leading to the time capsule pool. Stone elements, representing a 150-year timeline and bisecting the half circles, step down the gentle slope. Envisioned for the future is a grassy amphitheater on the hillside below the time capsule.

You have the unique opportunity to become a part of the future by contributing to the development of Sesquicentennial Point, destined to become a community treasure.

In the past, citizens have commemorated anniversaries of the City's founding by leaving treasures to be enjoyed by future citizens and guests. The colossal red boulder in Robinson Park honors our city's founders and is a remembrance of Lawrence's 75th anniversary. Centennial Park, aptly named, was a gift in celebration of the City's 100th anniversary.

For more information, contact Lawrence Parks and Recreation Administrative Office; 1141 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS 66044; (785)832-3450.

Below find preliminary drawings of the Sesquicentennial Point area