Mission Statement, Our Values and Vision

Mission Statement:

Committed to Saving and Protecting Lives and Property





Our Values:

Compassion and Respect

Community Oriented






Our Vision:

Five years from now, the Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical Department will continue to be organized as a customer-centered organization whose priorities are driven by the needs of the customer. We will honor our customer's trust by providing the most effective, efficient and fiscally responsible service possible to all population groups, with growing emphasis on customer feedback.

Our professional and efficient emergency response will provide an important and valued feeling of security among our citizens, while continual efforts to prevent such incidents will have a significant and measurable effect. We will be fully prepared to mitigate fires, medical emergencies, natural or man-made disasters, and technical rescues, both independently and through an improved network of cooperative county and regional partners.


Our Mission will be accomplished by a physically fit, healthy, and increasingly diverse work force, well trained in a multitude of specialized skills and empowered with a high level of involvement in our success. Our improved and innovative management practices will have a measured effect on employee scheduling, recruitment and retention process, thereby improving the integrity of staffing levels.

Our work force culture will reflect healthy family atmosphere that is nurtured by fair and consistent practices, open communication processes and up-to-date procedures that guide the decisions of our personnel. Internal quality control program performance measures, tracked through an improved records management system, will emphasis accountability and efficiency of our service processes. Our equipment will be dependable, capable and consistent in serving the needs of the community, embracing cutting-edge technology and emphasizing firefighter safety.

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical is an internationally accredited agency that provides excellence in public safety and as such, will serve as a model for others seeking success in community service satisfaction.


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