Economic Development

Helping existing businesses to grow within our local community is a primary objective of economic development efforts. That effort requires advance planning that takes into consideration the lifestyle and needs of the community while sustaining an environment that encourages the business investment that fuels our tax base and funds many of the services citizens now enjoy.

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Incentives, Policies, and Procedures

Overarching Economic Development Policy

The City of Lawrence adopted an overarching economic development policy at its March 24, 2009 City Commission meeting. This policy governs all cashlike incentives, including tax abatements in the City of Lawrence, and supersedes the existing tax abatement ordinance.

Additional Economic Development Policies




Annual Reports: Economic Development Support

Economic Development Progress Reports

Residential Lot Inventory

  • 2013 Residential Lot Inventory (PDF)
  • 2012 Residential Lot Inventory (PDF)
  • Data incorporated in the 2012 report was recently refined to include additional criteria and data parameters , allowing for more accurate inventory data. Data from this report should not be compared with inventory data from previous reports, which were defined using different parameters.

Wage Floor

Retail Analysis (PDF)

Demographics and Economic Data

Contact Information

For questions regarding City Policy, Procedures, or Incentives, please contact:

Britt Crum-Cano, Economic Development Coordinator or (785)-832-3472

If you are interested in relocating or expanding your business, please contact the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.